Spring 2019 Decor Trend Alert: Decorating With Stripes

With Spring just around the corner, the time has come to give your home fresh Springy touch with some pretty, spring-inspired patterns. Undoubtedly, stripes are the hottest trend of Spring/Summer 2019. This trend isn’t just ideal for your spring wardrobe but it is extremely popular in home decor too. By incorporating stripes in your home decor, you can make your home more livable, homely and super-trendy.

Here are a few ideas on how you can incorporate stripes into your space:

Walls: Stripes are all the rage in home decorating! They are chic, glam and never go out of style. Make a bold statement by painting stripes on your walls. Horizontal or vertical, wide or thin; they add dynamic to any room

Bedding: Usually seen in black and white color combo, stripes can instantly update look of a room. To make your bedroom look it’s best, invest in an eye-catching striped bedding set. Give your bedroom a graphic punch with a cheerful and bright bed linen for a colorful look.

Curtains: How about stripes on curtains? There’s something effortlessly whimsical about stripes, and this pattern comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Bring an elegant dose of stripe power to your home hanging striking striped curtains in a room.

Sofa Covers: Add much-needed modern feel to your home decor using timeless and appealing striped sofa covers. Big, small or medium, striped print allows so many options and blends flawlessly with every decor, setting or mood.

Lamps: Create a breezy and fresh ambience in your interiors using exquisite striped lamps. Bright and bold striped lamps are a fantastic way of bringing tons of personality and energy into a space.

Mix and Match: Stripe pattern works well with other patterns like polka dots, florals or plaids. You can mix sizes of patterns, patterns with same or complementary colors, larger prints with smaller prints, there’s a lot of possibilities. These tricks are guaranteed to add life and ultimate drama to your home.

Stripes can be added in form of carpets, plates, towels, rugs, vases, pillows, wallpapers, furniture and many other home decor accessories. For a powerful effect, brighter colors work pretty good while neutral colors look perfect with classic decor. So, this spring make sure your home has charming stripe effect with right decor items and color scheme.