Review Samsung POWERbot R9250 Robot Vacuum, Works with Amazon Alexa

It’s Sunday, and we all know what day it is. Cleaning day. Don’t you wish sometimes you were able to waive a magic wand and have the whole house clean in a snap? Well maybe now you can! Samsung has done it again, introducing the swift Powerbot Robot vacuum. This wireless sensation has become the talk of the town with its sleek design and hands-free capabilities it is able to sweep and clear the dust off your floors bringing them to a beautiful finish.


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Review Samsung POWERbot R9250 Robot Vacuum

So let’s go a little bit into the wireless functions.  It connects to any smartphone through your house’s Wi-Fi or even through Alexa If you’ve purchased it as well. And not to worry, for those who aren’t wireless savvy, the Powerbot also comes with its own remote control. The biggest thing the product has to offer is the power it contains. The intricacy of how the motors rotate along with the suction, the machine shows off the new “Cycloneforce.”  The small 11lb machine holds a suction force of 30 air watts and a dust capacity of .2 gallons, which is comparable to almost 4 cups.

The other great thing about the product is the ability to bring a new standard to cleaning. Not only does it’s camera placement allow it to see obstacles and furniture and have the intelligence to move around them but also creates a cleaning path for itself to make sure its reaches every “knook and crany” in your household. A new feature Samsung has brought to the product is almost similar to memory. After creating the path it also has a keen recognition system to remember where it has or has not been around the house so it doesn’t just clean in circle wasting time or energy.  Speaking of energy, this bad boy also comes with its own specific self-charging base holding a whooping almost 3 hours of battery life at one time. If all those things weren’t enough, the vacuum is provided with a ten-year manufacturer warranty.


Although many high reviews were given for the capabilities as well as the overall suction power delivered by this machine, many people felt the product itself is a bit costly for what it offers. This model the R9250 can be purchased for $899.99 (March 2018) which is a couple hundreds more than some other regular models lacking the hands-free option and is one of the more expensive models of the Samsung Powerbot collection. The other issue that was mentioned was the overall size for a robot vacuum. Although it’s conveniently small compared to other tall machines of its kind, it is taller than other robot vacuums and unlike some, is probably too tall to slide underneath some pieces of furniture.

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My Opinion

Overall I feel that for what it delivers it’s an excellent option especially for those who have hectic schedules or for people who have trouble keeping a tidy home and would benefit from a hands-free solution such as this. The listed price for this product is a bit high in my opinion but the gap in price compared to other vacuums is not much and the warranty makes a big difference.