Review Neato Botvac D5 Connected Navigating Robot Vacuum, Pet & Allergy

Nowadays there are so many high tech devices in the world that can do everything as a quick as wink, but what if the long tiring process of it all just comes down to setting up the darned thing? Well what if I told you there was a still a simple modern way of cleaning your home? Introducing the revolutionary Neato Botvac. This simplistic vacuum is one for the books and catered to more of the generation that doesn’t live and breath on their iphones. It allows the consumer to have a nice balance between modern technology and the ease of a quick setup.

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Review Neato Botvac D5 Connected Navigating Robot Vacuum

This product features a charging port that automatically connects to the botvac when the battery is low. The signal not only makes the machine aware of it needing to refuel but to also return to the hub to do just that.  The app allows the product to start and stop wirelessly, schedule and even locate it for when you’ve misplaced it. Install it, connect to Wi-Fi, and it is ready for use. Also it’s D shaped design allows the botvac to come as close as possible to corners and walls to reach the most ultimate clean.

It is designed with a 11cm wide brush inside to pick up any piece of dirt on the floor, great for allergens., without showing the vacuumed patterns on the ground. Not only that, it has smart technology to plan out cleaning pathways as to avoid wasting time and effort going over parts of the house repeatedly. One of my favorite features is its continuous mode. It is great for all floor types and can be set up to clean per room, charge when on low battery, and resume until all designated rooms have been cleaned. It evens comes with 4 meters of barrier strip that can be cut and customized to prevent the botvac from going anywhere its not supposed to.

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Unfortunately there were some setbacks. It does come with a large capacity for storing dirt and allergens but it needs filters to be changed constantly. Also it is unable to connect to other products such as Alexa, which hinders certain users that have their electronics connected through it. Only one of the new models provide this service but it is a couple hundred dollars more. Lastly it does not become more powerful when it senses a type of floor type such as carpet unlike other comparable products.


My Opinion

Overall, for what its worth, in this case about $560, I feel it is worth it to buy. 80% of consumers so far rave about it and it is one of the most confortable vacuum compared to its counterparts.  It also provides detection of obstacles so it will prevent it from damaging itself by running into an object and also the find me features is a nice add-on since its so compact. There’s always a chance it could be lost in the midst of your cleaning supplies and you’d never even know it.

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