Review ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Smart Auto Cleaning Dry Mopping Remote control for Pets Hair

Finally a vacuum specifically catered to the soccer mom, the pet lover, and the family craze of it all. Ilife brings probably the most cleanest and comfortably priced model of robotic vacuum. This pearly white round hands-free device delivers and excellent standard of clean to your household at a fraction of the cost of other products and it’s catered to hair! Many vacuums focus on dirt and dust but a lot of them overlook hair especially pet hair. Pet hair has so much bacteria and allergens that it’s crazy to think how easily its overlooked in priorities, well not anymore.

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Review ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum features sweeping, dusting and dry mopping all in one compact product. Standing at a small 3 inches above ground, it’s low to the ground shape allows for easy access to virtually all over the house and underneath all pieces of furniture. The vacuum also comes with touch screen on it and a remote control for hands-free operation and control. Its sensors provide recognition of not only tracking where it’s been and going but also changes in incline so as to not fall over a cliff, or the stairwell.

It has 110 minutes of battery use and only take four hours to charge to reach maximum capacity. It includes filters and a very large dustbin for a capacity of 0.3L of space. With that being said though, it’s especially put to the best use when used on dry wood because of its dry mop attachment. Along with those features, it is also one of the lightest vacuums in its category, weighing at a grand total of 4.5 lbs.

Unfortunately it lacks the advancements in Wi-Fi technology that other vacuums excel in. There is no was to connect it to Alexa or a device that brings all your devices together as well as a smartphone to schedule and control it from outside your home. Speaking of technology, it also lacks a way to locate the device wirelessly or to know when its time to return to the charging port. Another thing is its suction. It doesn’t mention a lot about how powerful the decide is besides the wattage of 20 nor does it focus on a change in suction force when it detects its going over a different floor type. That is something, especially in carpet, that makes a huge difference.  Finally with all the parts, it does include a filter, showing it needs to be constantly replaced.

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Overall, the device is listed at an excellent price of $159 for the entire system. It’s super simple and does not need much activation or skill to activate. It can be schedule and deliver a piece of mind while providing am impressive standard of clean. Its simplicity, storage space, and smart features definitely bring up the review a lot but the filter, low energy time, and inability to connect and stay connected brings my opinion on the product in even 50/50 split, but I definitely must say I approve.