Review ECOVACS DEEBOT M82 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Pet Hair, Bare Floors and Low-Pile Carpet

There’s been many different vacuums coming within these recent years with many impressive capabilities to match but overall they’ve all been pretty similar, until now. The makers of Ecovacs have not only brought a vacuum that can clean but finally one specific for carpets. This comfortably product listed at about $250 with its white sleek design, has been made for all the carpet lovers out there.

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Review ECOVACS DEEBOT M82 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Along with providing the already great service of sweeping like other vacuums in its category it also has high sensitivity for detecting stairways or changes in incline.  Using infrared sensors this also prevents the machine from falling over the edge and damaging itself in the process. The vacuum features dual side brushes to pick up the most dirt even in the most cramped of corners by being able to pull into its suction area in the front center.

It comes equipped with a high efficiency filter that allows the cleaning time to be as little as 5 minutes. The system also comes with both a wet mop with attached water reservoir to allow for the deepest standard of clean. It’s also very quiet with 450mL of capacity. It is also completely hands-free and comes with a remote for easy operating. Finally along with an extremely large dustbin, it comes about 150 minutes of continuous battery life. And when the battery shows its low, it automatically knows to return to its charging dock to refuel.


Some cons with this device is the inability to connect to a smartphone. It lacks the advancement of being able to control it from anywhere outside your home in comparison with other devices. It is also does not include a disposable dry or wet mop or wall barriers. In regards to its other functions, although it lasts very long battery wise, it takes even longer to charge to full battery, 3-5 hours to be exact.

The other thing is it doesn’t have a continuous mood, so if not set properly it will shut off automatically even before the job is done. The other issue is that although it can be set on a schedule, it only comes in 4 cleaning pathways. It can be set to go in a circle, diagonally, in a square, or in a N shaped format. While this does allow for simplicity it can waste power or more importantly allow the machine to miss parts of the house that don’t fall under this set pathway.

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Overall for the price listed at under $300, I believe this product is pretty incredible. While yes I agree it lacks a bit in the smart attributes and functions other vacuums in its category possess, I feel them to not be worth their listed price. This vacuum simplistic design and functionality is what will draw you in and keep you hooked. It will take the stress from maintaining a clean home and it’s so simple just about anyone can use it with a click of a button. It is definitely one for the books and for the listed amount, its practically a bargain.