Interior decorating tips to enhance beauty of home!

There is an old saying “Your home is your castle.” It’s home where we spend our major lifetime and find relaxation like nowhere else. It’s a very important place, and needs care to make it a healthy and peaceful place to live in. It’s true that your home’s interior defines your caring nature, taste and style. Interior decoration or decor is the art of decorating home so that it looks attractive, easy to use, and functions well with existing architecture. It encompasses applying wallpapers, painting walls, choosing furniture and fittings such as light fixtures, decorative items such as paintings, sculptures, and carpets. Here are some interior decoration ideas to make your home more impressive.

Color theme: The most important thing that comes in mind while talking about interior decoration is color theme, as it presents a pleasing and comfortable environment to home. Color of walls should be such that soothes eyes and provide a feeling of calmness. See what the room demands. For example, a study room and hall demand light brightness while a living room needs wall colors that suits furniture. You can give a different and graceful look to room by applying textures on wall.

Lighting: Lighting and lighting fixtures is another important aspect of interior decor. Some types of light provide better light for safety and working with an intimacy, while others are designed to highlight a certain area of room. To determine what type of lighting will work best for a room, determine and analyze what purpose the room will serve and what elements are already in it like windows, fireplace, etc. A bathroom doesn’t requires much lighting while a living room and study room does require descent and intelligent lighting.

Furniture: Functional and stylish cabinets can be placed in favorable lights too. Always choose furnishings according to the scale of room. Designer furniture pieces such as tables with drawers and shelves, cocktail or dining table, and a sofa are centerpieces of any living area. They should be kept in clean, decorated and proper condition always.

Decorative items: A room is said to be decorated if it has eye catching decorative items. The decorative items should be such, that they are in harmony with room’s environment. According to ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, “The way your home is laid out and decorated can actually bring you money and good fortune, or take it away”. But if don’t believe in that, then keeping a home interior organized that soothes your sensibilities has clear benefits.

Plants: Plants are source and symbol of liveliness. They not only provide a fresh look to room but also enhances its beauty. It has been observed that when you enter a room with plants you feel a positive energy and freshness while a room without greenery looks bald. One thing to remember is, to keep them in such a way that they’re able to get some sunlight for their photosynthesis process.

By keeping these things in mind you can change the look of your home in a better way.